Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Selflessness are the keys to your higher self !

Your personal growth will help free others. When you focus on yourself, it’s not selfish. It’s liberating for you and those around you. Community was a factor in helping me grow. It helped me go from being timid to being tenacious. What a powerful transformation to become someone you never imagined?

I once heard a speaker say, “A gift isn’t a gift until it’s passed to someone else.” Here’s my present to you an audible recording with many nuggets. The title is “Passing The Gift of Growth”

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“Phyllis G. Williams is a highly-qualified, professionally trained educator with a heart for service.  She works tirelessly with her students and extends her teaching beyond the classroom to ensure that parents are equipped with strategies and pertinent information to support their children. Recently, she coordinated a workshop, Creating a Parent’s Toolbox, for parents of her local school district which answered essential questions for parents.  It is evident that Ms. Williams has the necessary leadership skills, content knowledge, passion and drive to conduct invaluable workshops.”

– Dr. Jacqueline Howard, ACS, ALB

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