Voters Unrest- Why I’ve struggled with sleep since election day?

I recently came across a FB memory from 8 years ago that still holds true this day. It read,  ” This country is doomed due to the quality of voters, not candidates.” I had a bad experience with two white men after Trump won. One of the men walked by and started making monkey [...]

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If you don’t like W.A.P.

As I look at my timeline, I'm reminded of  a saying " Everything ain't for everybody " Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have released a song entitled "WAP".  I haven't listened to the song fully or watch the video so this isn't a critique. From what I've gathered, it's two young female entertainers [...]

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Christian Tales ” Envy and its effect”

“ Crystal McNair, graduate of 2024, from Xavier University.” She exited the car and started walking up hill to her dormitory. It had always been a dream to attend Xavier because her grandmother, the first college graduate in the family, was an alumni and retiree of the school. She parked her car and approached her [...]

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Solange’s Previous Album

Her latest album isn’t my cup of tea but seems to be good for a cigar bar or wine event where people mingle? So I’m recycling a previous blog. They won’t all be homeruns. Still love. ***************************************             Do you know someone that makes simple things complex? Well if not, pleased [...]

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Tweet’s song focus on purpose Nia is the fifth   that represents purpose. When I think of a song  that focuses on purpose, I think of a gentle sweet melody by Tweet. Tweet’s song entitled 🎶 I was created for this 🎶The lyrics read 🎶 I am persuaded. I’m gonna be all that you created me to be. I’m [...]

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Nas teaches about Ujamaa. Ujamaa represents cooperative economics. The purpose of Ujamaa is to build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses. The song that relates to Ujamaa is “Everything” by Nas . Nas raps  🎶When the media slings mud, we use it to build huts.🎶On another stanza, he raps  🎶If Starbucks is bought by Nestle, please don’t [...]

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Ujima 2018 Music Reference

On the third day of Kwanzaa, I relate the principle Ujima to the song “ None of us are free” by Solomon Burke. I heard this song on a prison documentary concerning a mother who received an unfair sentence. Others advocated for her to be released and she eventually was after nearly two decades.  Some of the [...]

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