Thee Art of Me: 30 Strategies for Discovering Your Self-Worth!

Available on Kindle and in Hardcopy

What if we’re worth more than we’ve ever imagined?

Sometimes we forget the things that really matter. The love of our family and true friends. The good fortune we’ve enjoyed, despite the bad luck we’ve experienced elsewhere. Most of all, sometime we forget–if we ever knew–how beautiful in body and spirit we really are.

That’s where Thee Art of Me: 30 Strategies for Discovering Your Worth! can help. As women, we often yield to demands to surrender our independence, our ambition, and our creativity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Blending poetry, flash fiction, and short stories, Thee Art of Me will challenge and inspire you to put aside everything in your life that’s been weighing you down, so you can find the freedom and joy you deserve. Learn how to give, how to forgive, and how to commit to change.

Thee Art of Me features:

  • Evocative haikus
  • Provocative six word stories
  • Reflective poems
  • Inspirational stories of women successfully conquering their fears and doubts
  • For each story or poem, journal exercises that will guide you in applying the lessons to your own life

You CAN be the bold, generous, and confident woman you want to be. Grab The Art of Me today, and start a new path of self-discovery!