Acrimony: Maybe Melinda was right about one thing.

I’ve seen many people discuss their views of the movie Acrimony. Many people just say that Melinda is crazy. Other people dissect it into lessons of establishing and maintaining a healthy marriage. Others discuss it as a piece of woes occurring when the woman is the breadwinner. While I believe all of those are worthy [...]

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In Wakanda: There are no Brazilian weaves.

Like millions of other people across the globe, I saw Black Panther this weekend. I tagged along with the Deltas since they invited other non-sorority members and their family. It was hard to feel like a part of that tribe since I didn't have shared experiences. Nonetheless, I was surrounded by family. I’ve seen many [...]

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Jacob Copeland Experience: When parents walk away, don’t show up, or criticize.

Dear Children of Parents with Low Emotional Intelligence, As I write this blog, I fight back tears for every student that hoped their parent would follow through on their promise of coming on awards day but didn't. I fight back tears for everyone who looked in the audience during a speech not able to meet [...]

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Kwanzaa Principles in 2017

I first participated in Kwanzaa in 2013. It was eye-opening (no woke pun intended). After my experience, I plan on attending a Kwanzaa celebration for the rest of my life. I’m not an expert but I’ve been to a few across different cities in North Carolina and one in Mississippi. I know people may have [...]

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She’s no Mary.

During Christmas seasons, there are many themes. There’s joy, miracles, giving, and family. I didn’t grow up with decorated trees, wreaths on doors, or even wrapped gifts but I love this season. However, I'm not so optimistic that I'm aloof. There are still a few things that make me cringe around this year— focus more [...]

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I’m not Mad!( Really, I’m not).

Have you ever wanted to SCREAM? Have you ever been so fed up that you want to throw the closest thing near you? Have you wanted to just set someone straight because they don't know who they messing with? Instead, you found yourself too exacerbated to do anything. You realize that it's a waste of energy. I'M [...]

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500 things lost yet I’m still happy.

Well, let me first start off by being clear in my description. I didn't lose 500 things by accident. Nobody robbed me and I didn't experience a tragedy such as a fire, flood, or tornado.  I intentionally set a goal to be with 500 less items by December 2017. After watching a documentary  " Minimalism: A [...]

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Be careful of the Company You Keep- MLM Association

  Have you ever scrolled through Facebook to see something that you were associated with negatively exposed? I'm from Mississippi and live in North Carolina so we are constantly in the news for the lack of equality across the board. I'm a Marine Veteran so the picture scandal has been trending for a few weeks. [...]

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