“ Crystal McNair, graduate of 2024, from Xavier University.” She exited the car and started walking up hill to her dormitory. It had always been a dream to attend Xavier because her grandmother, the first college graduate in the family, was an alumni and retiree of the school.

She parked her car and approached her dormitory. She was so excited to reside in a newer dormitory which meant bigger rooms and a shower only shared with a roommate. After entering the building, she dashed for the elevator to get in before it closed.



Luckily, a professionally dressed woman had sympathy for her and held the door. The lady giggled and said “ I know you are ready to put down those boxes and bags in your new dorm. Welcome to Xavier.” Crystal coyly replies, “ Yes Ma’am, Thanks. I’m going to the third floor.” The professionals dressed woman pushed the elevator button. Upon exiting, she searched with her eyes for room 312. As she walked in that direction, she noticed a student who was in the elevator also walking in the same direction only about two steps ahead of her. As she approached room 312, the other student used her keycard to open the door.


Crystal excitedly said, “Oh, we are roommates ! “ The tall and slender student turned around and forcefully pushed the door to shut it Crystal’s face. Crystal arched her foot upward in the doorway to stop the door from closing. She walked passed her roommate and put her belongings down. She then turned to her roommate and said, “ My name is Crystal. We will be roommates for awhile. I’m not sure if you’re having a bad day or you just have a bad attitude. Either way, We will live together so let’s be respectful.” Shocked from someone who appeared so meek being assertive , her roommate stood silently. Then, she finally stated. “ My name is Jasmine. I’m sorry but I lived by myself last semester. I didn’t want to room with anyone especially a freshman.”


Crystal accepted her apology and started moving into her room. By the end of the month, Crystal and Jasmine were more than roommates. They were friends. They ate together in the cafeteria and talked about their days. One day while going into the cafeteria together, Jasmine used her student Id card. It beeped. The cashier told her that she didn’t have enough funds. Crystal wanting her to not be embarrassed. Asked to see Jasmine’s card. She then said aloud to the cashier. “ Oh you must have picked up an old card. This one is expired. I’ll pay for your lunch. “ The cashier rung up both of their food and whispered to Crystal that she was a great friend.


Jasmine thanked her and then started venting about how hard it is trying to work and go to school. Crystal sympathized and said, “ I can understand. I would have a job if I wasn’t on a full scholarship.” Jasmine scoffed and retorted, “ Oh, it must be nice to have hookups because your grandma was a dean.” Crystal defended” I have no special privileges. I worked hard To be the valedictorian and score a 32 on the ACT. ”Jasmine rolled her eyes and grittily said “ Oh, you think you are better than me.” Crystal shocked and afraid to make matters worse just said no. They sat in silence until Jasmine finished her meal. She didn’t say anything and just left Crystal alone at the table by herself. Crystal finished her meal with sadness. She didn’t have many friends and felt that she pushed one away. As she was walking towards her dorm, her grandmother called but within minutes her grandma could feel that something was off. Crystal told her grandma about the incident with Jasmine. Her grandma didn’t say much and told Crystal to still be kind. Jasmine has an issue with herself and not with her.


Crystal then confessed to her grandma that Jasmine made other comments that seemed to suggest that she was spoiled. Jasmine made remarks of why a freshman without a job would need a car. She would often say it’s must be nice to sleep in on Saturdays. She even contributed Crystals college GPA to not having to worry about real life things.

Her grandma only repeated herself “Jasmine has an issue with herself and not you.”

Grandma then caught Crystal up with her adventures of volunteering. They laughed but before hanging up. Her grandmother asked her to do something for her.


Crystal replied,” Whatever you need grandma.” Her grandma’s request was for her to read or recite Psalms 23 every night for a month . Crystal though it was odd but she agreed.

Jasmine ignored Crystal when she came in the dormitory. She left the common area and went in her room. Crystal wanting to be kind and not lose her friend, went out and bought snacks and food for them. She put the snacks on the short refrigerator that they shared and texted Jasmine to help herself. Jasmine didn’t reply. However, she noticed in the morning a muffin was gone. Jasmine still ignored her despite eating the snacks.


After two weeks of silence, Crystal came to terms that Jasmine didn’t want to be friends anymore. She continued to share her food because she hated the thought of her being hungry.

One morning, Crystal was queasy and had a horrible headache. She didn’t want to miss class but decided to stay home just for one day. As she lie in bed, she heard Jasmine on the phone. Jasmine was laughing. Crystal was happy to hear joy coming from Jasmine. She continued to listen and was in for a horrible shock. Jasmine laughed as she talked about the disgusting things that she did. She spat in Crystal’s juice in the fridge. She rubbed her toothbrush against mold since Crystal never locked her door. Crystal sat in bed with tears rolling down her eyes. Jasmine opened the door -surprised to see Crystal.


Crystal looked at Jasmine with teary eyes and questioned why she would do those things. Jasmine went on a rant of how Crystal was uppity and spoiled. She told Crystal that she was not a charity case. She hoped to make her sick by doing all those things so she would miss days and lose her scholarship. Crystal just sat on the edge of her bed with tears rolling down her face. After Jasmine finished with her rant, she slammed Crystal’s door.


Crystal was somewhat naive but not all the way gone. She recorded the whole thing. She could have had serious long-term health issues due to Jasmine’s actions. She was fortunate to catch it early. She thanked God that her grandma encouraged her to cover herself in prayer because it could have been much worse. She called her grandma still sniffling from the betrayal. Her grandma listened, advised what to do with the recording, and prayed with her granddaughter. Crystal told her grandma that she would never try to gain someone’s approval again.


To the person reading this, you can be kind and still discerning. You don’t have to stay connected to broken or hurt people who are jealous or unappreciative of you. It can lead to damaging your mind, spirit, life mission, or body.


James 3:16 reads “ For where envy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every kind of evil.” There is no telling what an envious person would do to you.

You didn’t do anything for them to dislike you and you can’t do anything for them to like you.


Set them free!