Well, let me first start off by being clear in my description. I didn’t lose 500 things by accident. Nobody robbed me and I didn’t experience a tragedy such as a fire, flood, or tornado.  I intentionally set a goal to be with 500 less items by December 2017. After watching a documentary  ” Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”, the journey began for me. There are several systems  for minialism but I used a three part system which was to trash, give, and/or  sell  a specific amount of items per month. My accountablity partner and I set goals monthly and followed up with each other at the end of our monthly deadline. Some old adages proved to be true during this journey.


  1. “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.”  A clutter free space alleviates stress and decision-making time. It doesn’t take me 10 minutes of frantically throwing things around to find something now that I have less things. 
  2. “It is better to give than receive.”  My six inch heels days are over so why not let someone else strut in them. In addition, it is nice to see people smile when you give them something as simple as a book. 
  3. Be part of something bigger than yourself.”  You don’t have to give away expensive or sentimental items. My nieces wanted to start a business this summer. I found an art craft of Pinterest turning cds into wind chimes. Their mother is very business astute and I was grateful to contribute to their mission as young entrepreneurs. 

I don’t just want a Rolly, Rolly, Rolly, with a dab of ranch. I want to feel comfy in my stretchy pants.  I don’t care about ice on my wrist to look better when I dance but rather to be known for taking a stance. ( Blame that attempted  parodic flow on the hype of Jay-Z’s latest album)

In all seriousness,  “Dollars are important but so is change.”  My partners and I are touring to cultivate, increase, and sustain true happiness  in several areas of life. We recently published  an ebook, The Happiness Mind Matrix: A Guide To Creating Peace and Joy that Endures that covers happiness in the areas of spirit, mind, body, and more. You also don’t want to miss our live tour Fayetteville HappyMind Matrix Tour.

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Onward and Upward, Progress To Your Fullest Potential!

Phyllis G. Williams