As I look at my timeline, I’m reminded of  a saying ” Everything ain’t for everybody ” Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have released a song entitled “WAP”.  I haven’t listened to the song fully or watch the video so this isn’t a critique. From what I’ve gathered, it’s two young female entertainers in their 20s celebrating the lubrication of a certain organ and the benefits that happen from having it. It is pretty raw but along the same lines of most stuff that I hear on the radio.

If you don’t like W.A.P. It doesn’t mean that you  are a hater, a prude, or a hypocrite. It’s just not for you, but please don’t tear down women, especially young BIPOC women on public platforms.  It makes you look like a hater, prude, or a hypocrite especially from those people who know you in real life.

Here are Two Things  that you can do if you don’t like W.A.P. You can

  1. Mind Your Business – If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it or watch it. Make sure it’s not on your playlist. Don’t listen to hip hop stations. Listen to something that’s better suited for you. Create a playlist. Turn the radio off.
  2. Hype up other women- If you don’t like it, who do you like? There are many other female artists trying to reach Meg and Cardi’s status. In fact, Cardi B introduced me to some. Cardi mentioned  at least 5 female artists in one of her videos as a response to her music not being inspirational. The female hip-hop artists that I remember was Rapsody, Chika, and 3D Natee.
  3. Police your own home- Some people’s argument is that it’s not suitable for children. I absolutely agree. I have to question Why is a child listening to it anyway? Do you monitor their online presence? I know children are sneaky and curious but if you set an expectation, monitor your children, and have healthy and respectful lines of communication open it shouldn’t be an issue.

Onward and Upward,

Phyllis Williams