Ujamaa represents cooperative economics. The purpose of Ujamaa is to build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses. 

The song that relates to Ujamaa is “Everything” by Nas . Nas raps 
 🎶When the media slings mud, we use it to build huts.🎶

On another stanza, he raps  🎶If Starbucks is bought by Nestle, please don’t arrests me. I need to use your restroom and I ain’t buying no espresso. Soon enough, assume the cuffs, the position. Not new to us. Since back on the bus sitting. Said Screw the bus. boycotted that bus outta business. The future’s us🎶🎶

He references building our own communities with the hut reference. He shows the importance of owning our own business with Starbucks reference. I’m not sure if this was also related to the two young man whom were handcuffed at Starbucks. 

As I reflect on Nas’ lyrics, I realized the effect of cooperative economics. Cooperative economics could lessen discrimination, racial profiling, improve and build communities. 

Let’s build for ourselves and the future through financial independence and increase our financial IQ . Ujamaa

Onwards and Upward, 
Phyllis G. Williams