As Jameelah sat in bed, she reflected on the irony of how things change over time. She no longer rushed out of bed excited to attend the 4th of July barbecue at her aunt’s house. It was once a place of laughter and bonding. It seemed as if boundaries and bonding left when grandma passed away.

Family gatherings were now a stage. She had forced many smiles after receiving back-handed comments. She no longer flinched when her critic entered the room. She memorized the lines that seemed to get people off her back. Today, she couldn’t do any of it. She was too tired to perform.

She twisted her hair around her fingers. Was she not good enough for them? Did people purposely ignore facts? Did they care about her feelings? She reached for her cellphone and texted her Aunt. “I’m sorry. I can’t make it. Something came up.”

She lay back in bed knowing deep down that the something was avoidance, anxiety, and anguish. Tears rolled down her cheek as Jay-z’s song Family Feud played in the background. Family should be your safe haven not a stress factor.

Jameelah and others with similar experiences are welcome to start the healing process by attending the Hip-Hop and Healing Webinar. It occurs on July 25th at 7:30 eastern time. Coach Billie C will lead an activity in forgiveness. Daphne Fuller will lead an activity in stress management. You are worthy of experiencing freedom and reducing stress. This webinar will help you develop healthy boundaries with your family members, reduce stress, and live boldly.

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