Vibe and Scribe: Building Healthier Family Relationships

Your phone rings. You take a glance at it to see that it’s a relative. Instead of joy, you wonder. What will it be this time?  Will they try to start an argument? Are they sober? Do they want to borrow money? It’s mentally draining. You can’t control or change them but you can change your response and perspective to them.

Unhealthy relationships from relatives can have a lasting effect. The webinar “Vibe & Scribe: Forgiving and Setting Boundaries” joins healthy coping strategies and jazz hip-hop together to produce resilience and a renewed mindset.

The Vibe and Scribe webinar allows participants to begin their journey of forgiveness and freedom to move forward purposely without the clinical feeling.

Coach Billie C, who is fun-loving and knowledgeable,  lead participants in a forgiveness activity.

Daphne Fuller, who is youthful and professional,  lead participants in a stress management activity.

Phyllis G. Williams, who is caring and funny, hosted the event and performed a poetry piece.

Phyllis developed this webinar because she understands what it’s like to cut ties in toxic relationships with family members but still maintain humility and compassion.

Unhealthy relationships with family members can have a lasting effect if not addressed.  We unknowingly continue the learned negative behaviors or develop negative coping mechanisms.

You can break chains of guilt and feel freedom by completing the activities in the webinar. If you realize that it’s time to break cycles and generational curses, this webinar is for you.

You are worthy of experiencing freedom and reducing stress. This webinar will help you develop healthy boundaries, reduce stress, and live boldly.

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