About The Company

Progress Promoter, LLC is a speaking company that focuses on self-development. The company’s motto is “We should excel not just exist.” This motto is lived out in action through its mission statement. Progress Promoter, LLC inspires, informs, and ignites stronger communities by building stronger women. This company is founded by Phyllis G. Williams. She focuses on what she deems the points of self-fulness. They include self-care, self-love, self-awareness, self-worth, selflessness, and self-control.

Her signature topics are 1. You haven’t had your best day yet; This speech focuses on mental illness through storytelling and facts.  The purpose is to break the stigma of  mental illnesses especially in the black community.  2. A Bird with Different Feathers  This speech focuses on celebrating authenticity and having positive connections. 3. Derailing the School to Prison Pipeline  This speech focuses on dismantling systemic racism in the school setting by focusing conflict resolution.

In addition to speaking at workshops and breakout sessions, Phyllis also has her own workshop entitled: Authenticity and Authority: Building Self and Sisterhood. This workshop can be conducted through video. It is ideal for sororities, book clubs, female veteran organizations, and more.

Hire Phyllis for the following:

  • Mistress of Ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Women’s Events
  • Youth Events
  • Keynote
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