“Phyllis G. Williams is a highly-qualified, professionally trained educator with a heart for service.  She works tirelessly with her students and extends her teaching beyond the classroom to ensure that parents are equipped with strategies and pertinent information to support their children. Recently, she coordinated a workshop, Creating a Parent’s Toolbox, for parents of her local school district which answered essential questions for parents.  It is evident that Ms. Williams has the necessary leadership skills, content knowledge, passion and drive to conduct invaluable workshops.”

– Dr. Jacqueline Howard, ACS, ALB

“I am extremely impressed and in awe of Phyllis’ magnetic speaking abilities.  I attended a VIP mastermind event with a number of renowned leaders from all over the country, and Phyllis was selected by the facilitator to tell an impromptu story using only four pictures from her drawing. She told a captivating story about being different that had our entire room mesmerized by the plot. At the end of her speech, she received a well-deserved standing ovation. Weeks later, I can still remember how she skillfully crafted a story on the spot which navigated the audience from their childhood to present day.  We all were able to relate despite the fact that we all grew up differently.  Her storytelling skills even amazed the facilitator and lead consultant hosting the event. ”

– Felice Carlton RN, BSN, CEO of Felice Carlton Enterprises

“I have a son who is developmentally delayed. I was very worried and concerned when I found out. I wanted answers and when I asked his teachers there wasn’t a good response. I came in contact with Phyllis Williams and she had an answer to all of my questions. She broke things down to me and explained the process to me. She even gave me a few websites and activities to help with my son. She makes it clear to me anytime that I do not understand something. She’s available and it’s easy to discuss my worries. I am forever grateful for her being there and helping me the whole way through. “

– Victoria Johnson, Parent

“It is not a simple task to be an effective case manager in special education. One must be a strong team leader, accomplished in both written and oral communication and extremely organized.  Phyllis Williams exemplifies all of these characteristics.  It can be hard to talk to parents about their children and the need for intervention services. She communicates well with parents; letting them know they are an important member of the team and that their input is vital. She connects to parents by establishing clear goals and objectives and by helping them utilize existing resources. Phyllis Williams is a take-charge person who is an asset to special education.”

– Anne Lee, Occupational Therapist

“When Phyllis told the story of her journey, I was not only touched, but impacted by her transparency and ability to connect with the audience. In a group of women that are at high levels in their careers and journeys, we all could relate to the days we began, where we were totally different people than we are today. My fellow audience members and I were greatly impressed and showed it with a standing ovation! Phyllis knows how to reach an audience where they are as well as has a natural ability to find common ground to make everyone feel closer to her as a speaker and to each other. I look forward to hearing from her again as I just genuinely enjoyed her stories so much at the end.”

– Mia Hall, Speaker, Community Strategist, CEO of Mia’s Full Court Press

“I had the privilege of inviting Phyllis G. Williams to a recent engagement; wherein, she was the guest speaker for our high school graduation. Her passion and knowledge in delivering the tools for success to upcoming college freshmen was rated by the outgoing senior class as one of their favorite presenters. As a sidebar to her presentation, Ms. Williams shared her story on the importance of future educators becoming more effective in facilitating 21 Century technique, strategies, and sensitivity towards students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I was moved by her extraordinary compassion, insight, and tenacity on the subject of ASD. It is my sincere hope that others will have the opportunity to hear this incomparable woman speak on a subject so dear to her.”

– Professor E. Carr