Coping Mechanisms. We all have them. Some are healthy and some are detrimental. They may vary based on the incident. Being the eccentric person that I am, my means of coping is also uncommon.

Time is my coping mechanism. Eagerly enthused by time like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, I sometimes look at my watch knowing that this drama or discomfort will be over soon.

A coworker rubs me the wrong way. I try not to let my emotions flare because I tell myself that I only have to see them in the hallway.

I see someone in public who has said ugly things about me. I smile and exchange pleasantries. Then, I remove myself from their proximity. I don’t sulk or think of how I can give them the read for their life. I replay in my mind how often that I talk to them in a year’s time frame.  Many of the people who speak ill of you rarely speak to you. I surmise that it’s less than 1 hour a year for most of your cynics.

Why spend time on people that don’t have time for you!

Time as a coping mechanisms not only avoids confrontation or help maintains peace. It also helps with fear.

My high school classmate and I were catching up. She expressed that she thought that I was brave to do live videos. I chuckled and let her in on my secret. When I press record I relax, telling  myself that my videos are typically under five minutes. I just have to make it to five minutes.

Time is of the essence. It’s precious. It’s something that can’t be retrieved. After reading this, I want you to alter your view of time.

Use it as a motivation tool.

Use it as a coping mechanism.

Most importantly use it wisely.


Onward & Upward

Phyllis G. Williams